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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is Noveltor?

Noveltor is a streamlined therapy tool management platform designed to enhance client engagement and therapy outcomes between sessions. It offers therapists a convenient way to find, customize, send, and review therapy tools in one efficient process.

How does Noveltor work?

Noveltor provides therapists with access to an all-in-one activity library containing a variety of customizable therapy activities. Therapists can tailor these activities to suit the individual needs of their clients and send them directly to clients' mobile phones. Clients can then complete these activities anywhere, and therapists can seamlessly review their responses.

What are the benefits of using Noveltor?

Using Noveltor can help therapists reduce administrative time, prepare for sessions more easily, and increase client engagement between sessions. By providing clients with personalized and accessible activities, Noveltor aims to deepen the therapist-client relationship and improve therapy outcomes.

How can therapists customize activities on Noveltor?

Therapists can easily customize activities on Noveltor to meet the specific needs of their clients. They can choose from a variety of templates in the activity library and modify them according to their clients' preferences and goals.

Is Noveltor accessible to clients?

Yes, Noveltor is accessible to clients via a mobile app. Therapists can send activities directly to clients' smartphones, allowing them to complete the activities at their convenience, wherever they are.

Can therapists track client progress on Noveltor?

Yes, therapists can track client progress on Noveltor by seamlessly reviewing client responses to activities. They can also gain unique insights into their clients' experiences between sessions, helping them to track progress and tailor their approach accordingly.

Are there any testimonials from therapists who have used Noveltor?

Yes, several therapists have provided testimonials praising Noveltor for its effectiveness in keeping clients engaged outside of sessions and for its ability to customize tools and activities. These testimonials highlight Noveltor's impact on therapy outcomes and the therapist-client relationship.

How can I get started with Noveltor?

To get started with Noveltor, simply sign up for an account on our website and explore the features and resources available. You can also contact our support team for assistance or guidance as needed.

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