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Find, customize, send, and review therapy tool that is engaging and accessible in one streamlined efficient process


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Streamlined therapy tools.

Simple, Flexible, Effective. Streamline your therapy tools management with Noveltor. Make engaging, customized activities for each client. Better engagement, better outcomes.

All-in-One Activity Library

All-in-One Activity Library

Say goodbye to the worksheet search. Our template library is your one-stop solution for all therapy activities.

Easily customize to your client’s needs

Easily customize to your client’s needs

Skip generic worksheets. Use our templates to customize activities that truly resonate with your clients..

Send activities clients straight to their mobile phone

Send activities clients straight to their mobile phone

Clients can complete activities anywhere by sending interactive, digital activities straight to their smartphones!

Seamlessly review responses

Seamlessly review responses

Assign, schedule, and review client activities effortlessly—all in one click. Plus, fine-tune your approach with homework insights for maximum therapeutic impact.

Our Values

Giving therapists and clients what they deserve

Reduce admin time and prepare for session easier

One place to do all the managing for you: reduce time spent finding, editing, sending, and reviewing client responses

Increase client engagement between session

Clients aren’t doing the homework, give them something accessible and tailored to increase engagement

Deepen therapist-client relationship

Gain unique insights on your client & easily track progress by getting connected to their between session experience.

Ready to elevate your therapy practice? Get started with Noveltor today for streamlined therapy tool management and impactful client engagement.


What therapists are saying

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Chelsea Glade

Feel to Heal Counseling

Noveltor has been a game changer for my practice. It keeps clients engaged outside of session in order to continue working towards their goals. I can customize tools and activities for my clients, rather than using outdated and boring worksheets... That’s why I love it.

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Hunter Ray

Blue Couch Therapy & Wellness

Noveltor is an efficient app that creates personalized approaches, empowering both client and therapist to engage in a more dynamic, accessible, and effective counseling experience.

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Niyera Hewlett

You & Me Counseling

The team creating this is very passionate about helping therapists streamline homework and processing for clients. It has been helpful in getting clients to a deeper level of processing and homework completion rates have risen.

Elevate your therapy practice with Noveltor.

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